About Us


Apeal Wörld ACV is a U.K. startup, producing health drinks that use organic natural ingredients to improve well being by balancing energy levels.

We are passionate about well being and understand the complexities of lifestyle, where health is concerned. Time being the most precious resource. Our ACV drinks are carefully prepared to give you the chance to keep moving and look after yourself at the same time. You don’t need to prepare a concoction, you can simply grab a can before breakfast, lunch and / or dinner and enjoy an affordable daily dose on the go.



Your well-being shouldn't be complicated. With our ACV drinks, there's no need for intricate preparations. Simply grab a can before breakfast, lunch, or dinner and savour an affordable daily dose on the go. It's the perfect blend of convenience and self-care.

Understanding the detrimental effects of sugars on health, we're dedicated to sharing our solution for energy regulation. Our organic ingredients complement the glucose-stabilising benefits of ACV, while eliminating the taste of vinegar. Enjoy the refreshing, sugar-free dose 'on the go' before meals, ensuring constant energy levels.



"Kill cravings and crush fatigue" – our guiding philosophy. Offering three delightful flavours in the U.K. market, Apeal World ACV drinks takes pride in presenting great-tasting vinegar drinks. We set out on this journey driven by our desire for quality in our lives, now extended to our valued community.



‘We love Apple Cider Vinegar as part of our efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s known for reducing cravings, regulating glucose spikes and crashes whilst improving mood and metabolism. We used spices and all organic ingredients without adding any sugar, this is our daily dose of ACV and we think the result is amazing, and we hope you do too.’ - Salka Backman

 image of salka backman - founder