Debunking the Myths

Apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years as a natural health remedy. Numerous claims have been made suggesting that it can treat a wide range of conditions and provide miraculous health benefits. The purported benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV), which include better digestion and weight loss, are widely disseminated on the internet and through word of mouth. 

In order to understand the real effects that apple cider vinegar has on one's health, it is essential to make a distinction between valid scientific evidence and claims that are not supported by evidence. In this blog, we will investigate and debunk some common myths surrounding ACV by providing references from actual scientific research as well as professionals in the medical field.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures All Ailments

The Claim: Apple cider vinegar is often promoted as a panacea for a wide range of health issues, from digestive problems to serious diseases like cancer.

The Reality: While apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which may offer some health benefits, it is not a cure-all solution. Research has shown that ACV can have a modest effect on blood sugar levels and satiety, potentially aiding in weight management and glycemic control. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that ACV can cure chronic diseases or serve as a substitute for medical treatments.

Dr. Carol S. Johnston, Professor and Associate Director of the Nutrition Program at Arizona State University, emphasises the importance of evidence-based information: "While apple cider vinegar may offer some health benefits, it should not be considered a replacement for medical treatments or prescribed medications for specific health conditions."

More Apple Cider Vinegar, Better Results

The Claim: Some proponents suggest that consuming larger quantities of apple cider vinegar will yield faster and more significant health benefits.

The Reality: Consuming excessive amounts of ACV can be harmful and may lead to adverse effects. The high acidity of ACV can erode tooth enamel, irritate the throat, and cause digestive discomfort. Additionally, overconsumption of ACV has been associated with decreased potassium levels, which can be dangerous for individuals with certain health conditions or taking specific medications.

Dr. Lisa Young, a registered dietitian and adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University, advises, "Moderation is key when it comes to apple cider vinegar consumption. Diluting ACV in water and using it sparingly is recommended."

Apple Cider Vinegar Detoxes the Body

The Claim: ACV is often promoted as a powerful detoxifying agent that can cleanse the body of toxins.

The Reality: The idea of "detoxing" the body with apple cider vinegar is not scientifically supported. The body's natural detoxification processes are primarily performed by the liver and kidneys, filtering and eliminating toxins from the bloodstream (4). While ACV does contain antioxidants, there is no evidence to suggest that it enhances the body's detoxification mechanisms.

Dr. Katherine Zeratsky, a registered dietitian at Mayo Clinic, explains, "The human body is well-equipped to detoxify itself. Consuming apple cider vinegar may have some health benefits, but it should not be relied upon as a primary method for detoxification."

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Replace Prescribed Medications

The Claim: Some proponents advocate using apple cider vinegar as a natural alternative to conventional medications.

The Reality: This is a potentially dangerous misconception. Apple cider vinegar is not a substitute for prescribed medications or medical treatments. While ACV may have some health benefits, it cannot replace the efficacy of prescribed medications in managing chronic conditions.

Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler, a board-certified Anatomic Pathologist, strongly advises, "Never discontinue prescribed medications without consulting your healthcare provider. Apple cider vinegar can be incorporated into a healthy diet, but it should not be used as a replacement for necessary medical treatments."

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Cure Acid Reflux

The Claim: Some proponents suggest that apple cider vinegar can alleviate symptoms of acid reflux, such as heartburn and regurgitation.

The Reality: While apple cider vinegar may have a pH-balancing effect and help with digestion in some individuals, there is no scientific evidence to support its use as a reliable treatment for acid reflux.

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that vinegar might exacerbate symptoms of acid reflux in some people. It is crucial to consult a gastroenterologist or healthcare professional for appropriate treatment of acid reflux.

Apple Cider Vinegar Lowers Cholesterol Levels

The Claim: ACV is believed to reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and promote heart health.

The Reality: The potential effects of apple cider vinegar on cholesterol levels are still inconclusive, and more research is needed to establish a clear link.

A study published in the Journal of Membrane Biology showed that acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, may have some lipid-lowering effects (2). However, the study primarily used animal models, and its application to human cholesterol management requires further investigation.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Treat Yeast Infections

The Claim: ACV is promoted as a natural remedy for yeast infections, particularly vaginal yeast infections.

The Reality: While apple cider vinegar does have some antifungal properties, there is limited evidence to support its use as a standalone treatment for yeast infections.

A review published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine suggested that acetic acid may have some potential in managing fungal infections. However, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of yeast infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Cure Cancer

The Claim: There are claims suggesting that apple cider vinegar can prevent and cure cancer.

The Reality: There is no scientific evidence to support the use of apple cider vinegar as a cancer treatment. Cancer is a complex disease with multifactorial causes, and no single substance, including ACV, has been proven to cure or prevent cancer.

The American Cancer Society emphasizes the importance of evidence-based cancer treatments and advises against relying on unproven remedies like apple cider vinegar (4). For cancer prevention and treatment, it is essential to follow medical recommendations and undergo appropriate therapies.


While apple cider vinegar may offer some health benefits and has been used for centuries for various purposes, it is essential to distinguish between scientifically supported claims and unverified myths. As with any health practice, it is crucial to consult reputable sources, such as peer-reviewed research articles and medical professionals, to make informed decisions about apple cider vinegar's role in your health routine.

Remember that maintaining good health involves a balanced lifestyle, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and professional medical advice when addressing specific health concerns.

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