10 Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

10 Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has become quite popular due to its many health benefits. This amazing drink is made using a fascinating fermentation process. It all begins with apple juice, which turns into alcoholic apple cider and then matures into vinegar. What makes ACV stand out is not just its unique production, but also its impressive nutritional profile. It is filled with beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants, making it a treasure trove of goodness. 

Unfiltered types of apple cider vinegar, which have a brownish colour, contain a lot of protein molecules. These proteins are often called the 'mother' because they have concentrated and beneficial properties.

Now, let's explore the various reasons why consuming apple cider vinegar can be advantageous.

1. As A Dietary Supplement

According to the Department of Defense Dietary Supplement Resourse, Apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and acids. Both as a food and a dietary supplement, it is promoted to curb appetite and help weight loss, support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol, aid digestive health, and boost the immune system.

Even if it's just because of its refreshing' taste, taking Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis is an excellent way to give yourself a boost of energy. It is recommended to take it diluted with water so that it can help soothe a dry throat, stimulate your metabolism, and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

2. Salad Dressing

Apple cider vinegar, which is sweet and sour, can also be used to make a salad dressing that is deliciously zesty. To give your favourite leafy green salad an invigorating kick that is also good for your digestion, combine a small amount of this ingredient with some olive oil and drizzle it over the salad.

3. To Cleanse And Tone The Skin

On a journal published and medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP - acetic acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties could help clean the skin and prevent infections from bacteria or fungi.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent facial cleanser, toner, and acne treatment because of the astringent properties that it possesses. Astringents are substances that remove dirt and oil from the skin while also shrinking the pores. To leave the skin feeling clean and revitalised, apply a small amount to a cotton pad or muslin cloth and gently massage it into the skin.

4. Rinse Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of apple cider vinegar as a treatment for dry and lifeless hair can help restore shine and bounce to each strand and promote healthy hair growth. Apple cider vinegar is ideal for this purpose. In the interval between shampooing and conditioning, dilute apple cider vinegar with water and work it through the hair, working from the roots to the ends. Don't forget to give it a good rinse!

5. As A Natural And Versatile Cleaner For Your Home

Apple cider vinegar has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which also make it an excellent component of natural cleaning products. In a spray bottle, combine one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water; then, for fragrance, add your preferred essential oils. Last but not least, spray and wipe down surfaces such as surfaces in the kitchen and benchtops.

6. Encourage A Healthy Digestive System

According to Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D - ACV is naturally acidic, and so for people with low stomach acidity, using ACV may help raise stomach acid levels to aid digestion. 

ACV, which is loaded with probiotics, encourages healthy gut function by restocking the digestive system with beneficial bacteria. This helps to support the natural processes that occur within the body by cleansing and detoxifying the system. Apple cider vinegar eliminates buildup and has the potential to stimulate digestion in a gut that has become stagnant.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar To Promote Glowing Skin

The nutrient-rich properties of apple cider vinegar can actually be beneficial to your skin, in addition to promoting a healthy gut environment. Learn more about the connection between gut health and skin health by reading more.

8. Control Of One's Weight

The scientific community is still debating over whether or not drinking apple cider vinegar can actually assist you in losing weight. However, apple cider vinegar can help you control your sugar cravings, which will in turn help you reduce the amount of food you eat. If you're hungry, mix a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water to make a refreshing drink.

9. A Boost To The Immune System

Because it is so beneficial to immune health, apple cider vinegar gives your body an even greater opportunity to defend itself against respiratory illnesses like the flu and the common cold. In addition to this, apple cider vinegar can assist in warding off those annoying viruses by restocking your immune system with a boost of beneficial bacteria, which are known to aid in the prevention of infection.

10. Helps Maintain A Healthy Heart

The term "total cholesterol" refers to the sum of your blood's triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels as well as your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels. Triglycerides are a form of fat in the human diet.

Your risk of developing heart disease is increased if you have high total cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol, or high triglycerides. Having low levels of HDL cholesterol, also known as the "good" cholesterol, is detrimental to the health of the heart.

According to some studies, consuming one ounce of apple cider vinegar on a daily basis may help lower total cholesterol and triglycerides while simultaneously increasing HDL cholesterol.2 Even just a half ounce of apple cider vinegar every day may be enough to lower triglycerides and total cholesterol in people who are obese or have type 2 diabetes.

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